Steering Committee

World Eating Disorder Action Day 2017

The Steering Committee for the Second World Eating Disorders Action Day, June 2, 2017 supports the Mission of World Eating Disorder Action Day to advance recognition of eating disorders as serious, treatable illnesses and the VISION of World Eating Disorder Action Day is to unite eating disorder activists, professionals, families/carers and those personally affected to promote worldwide knowledge of eating disorders and recognition of the need for comprehensive treatment.

The role of the Steering Committee is to provide guidance for activities and processes for World Eating Disorder Day and is a vibrant link to all the many activists and participating organizations. As a grassroots effort the SC seeks the opinions and guidance of the many community members involved.

The Steering Committee members were proposed by the original activists who brainstormed the idea of a global day for awareness and action. A Terms of Reference and Mandate for the Steering Committee provides a framework for the types of organizations to be represented with an eye to diversity and broad representation. It is hoped that in future years, groups from more under-represented countries and populations will be involved.

Please see the list of the Steering Committee members for 2017 below. Feel free to reach out to them for more information:

June Alexander, Australia

Stephanie Covington Armstrong, USA

Lisa Burns, Canada

James Carey, United Kingdom

Amy Cunningham, Tanzania

Dr. Emilio J. Compte, Argentina

Jamie Dannenberg, USA

Veronica Luccioni, United Kingdom.

Yasemin Merwede, Turkey/USA

JD Ouellette, USA.

Susan Ringwood, USA

Kristine Vazzano, USA

Adam Hope, USA

Dr. Eva Trujillo, Mexico

Kristina Saffran, USA

Jamie Bushell, USA

Sandy Provost, Canada

Dr. Eric van Furth, Netherlands