Denmark ED society strives to meet objectives

Denmark ED society strives to meet objectives

By Laura Winkler and Ulla Moslet, Denmark

The Danish Society for Eating Disorders was founded in 1998 and currently consists of 150 members.

The mission of the society is to develop and systematize the knowledge about and improve the treatment methods for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and other eating disorder and co-morbid conditions.

These objectives are worked towards by:

  • Promoting research in the field, especially research that promotes co-operation between different treatment and research units.
  • Promoting the co-operation between the different treatment units in the country and among these and researchers in the field.
  • Working to make existing and new knowledge available to all members of the society.
    Promoting contact with corresponding organizations.
  • Serving as a forum for new contacts and exchange of experiences among people working professionally with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or other eating disorder and co-morbid conditions, in different ways.

About Laura and Ulla

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Laura Winkler is an MD, and PhD student at the Centre for Eating Disorders, Odense University Hospital, Denmark. For the past four years she has performed research within the eating disorder field. Her interest in eating disorders started in medical school when first encountering the vast difficulties these patients encounter. She hopes to continue her work with eating disorders, both clinical and in research, in the future.


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Ulla Moslet is head of the board for the Danish Society for Eating Disorders. She is a senior child-/adolescent consultant/physician at the Child Adolescent mental health department/eating disorder unit in the capital region of Denmark.


Laura_Denmark logo_DSS logoThe Danish Society for Eating Disorders hopes to enhance the national, as well as the Nordic and international, collaboration regarding treatment and research in eating disorders.

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