Participation Principles

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5/28/17: Beginning at 8:00 a.m. Sydney, AUS on 6/2/17 (6 p.m. in NY, USA on 6/1/17) we will add the brand new hashtag #WeDoAct2017 to#WeDoActTogether on all social media. Please do NOT use it before that time.

World Eating Disorders Action Day (#WeDoAct) is a grassroots movement designed for and by people affected by an eating disorder, their families and the medical and health professionals who support them. Uniting activists across the globe, the aim is to expand global awareness of eating disorders as genetically linked, treatable illnesses that can affect anyone. This second #WorldEatingDisordersDay, is a virtual event using multiple social media platforms and many LIVE events are taking place all around the world on June 2, 2017.

The MISSION of World Eating Disorders Action Day is to advance recognition of eating disorders as serious, treatable illnesses. The VISION of World Eating Disorders Action Day is to unite eating disorder activists, professionals, and people whose lives are affected, to promote worldwide knowledge of eating disorders and recognition of the need for comprehensive treatment.

More than 200 organisations from over 40 countries and 1000s of activists are working together on social media – we use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Snapchat. Live events are taking place in many countries and we encourage you to launch a LIVE event as well and share it through social media channels. A Steering Committee comprised of leadership from 15 global organisations with diverse representation is providing strategic guidance. The larger activist community is engaged in every step of developing messaging, materials, and outreach.

The KEY ACTIVITIES of World Eating Disorders Action Day include:

  • Use of social media to engage affected people, families, professionals, researchers, policy makers, and care givers around the world on social media, with particular attention to underserved groups and geographies;
  • Goal to make us TREND and share information from the website;
  • LIVE events promoting the theme #WeDoActTogether in many countries;
  • Outreach to professional, medical, education associations, policy makers, and health authorities;
  • Promoting the newly launched World Eating Disorders Healthcare Rights developed by the Parent-Carer Committee of the Academy for Eating Disorders;
  • Promoting personal action to share materials from the website to your friends, colleagues, professionals, and policy makers and sharing this on social media. Underscore the theme that we must ACT TOGETHER to effectively respond to and treat eating disorders;
  • Presentation of the NINE GOALS to governments and policy makers using social media.


  1. Ensure correct information about eating disorders is shared through social media and other sources;
  2. Share and employ the NINE TRUTHS;
  3. Share the new World Eating Disorder Health Care Rights to your doctor, schools, friends, and policy makers;
  4. Advocate for evidence based treatment and services for eating disorders globally;
  5. Support principles of diversity and inclusivity and spread the message that eating disorders do not discriminate;
  6. Ensure that underserved populations and marginalized groups are included and uplifted in advocacy efforts;
  7. Support and promote the NINE GOALS to change how eating disorders are addressed at a national level and advocate assertively for the adoption by World Health Organisation and national authorities. Tell them here (WHO).

EASY WAYS to play a part:


Develop your own country/local plan for publicizing World Eating Disorders Action Day via virtual and live events such as:

  • Outreach to media, celebrities, universities/training institutions, professional associations, eating disorder non profits, policy makers, political leaders in your country, etc. using Talking Points/Press Release from #WeDoAct
  • Art Installations; Music Fests;  Press Conferences;  Presentations using the #WeDoAct logos, materials and messaging; Radio and TV shows;  Seminars;  Trainings; etc.
  • Your own local advocacy for change

What Else?

We ask that you commit to the principles described in this document and that your use of the World Eating Disorders Day logos and materials imply acceptance. We will feature your organization in the list of Participating Organisations available on the website and social media and offer you space to share your thoughts on the blog.

We began World ED Day as a small group of activists wanting to improve global understanding of Eating Disorders and to unite activists globally. Of late, many for profit centers and providers have requested to join us. This is fabulous and also required us to develop a disclaimer for recognizing for profit groups on the website. THANK YOU for your understanding.

World Eating Disorders Action Day recognises the interest and desire of for profit treatment centers, clinicians, and programs to support affected people in our efforts for advocacy and policy change. All groups wishing to engage have acknowledged alignment with the Key Messages for June 2. At the same time, the Steering Committee of World Eating Disorders Action Day does not recommend or endorse a particular center, provider, or system. Being listed on the World Eating Disorders Action Day website or following and supporting on social media is in NO WAY an endorsement of the provider. Persons and families in need of treatment services should do research to determine the appropriate provider and approach; we strongly recommend consulting peer reviewed literature, looking at outcomes data, and seeking client recommendations.


World Eating Disorders Action Day 2017 Steering Committee