Participation Principles

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World Eating Disorders Action Day (#WeDoAct) is a grassroots movement designed for and by people affected by an eating disorder, their families and the medical and health professionals who support them. Uniting activists across the globe, the aim is to expand global awareness of eating disorders as genetically linked, treatable illnesses that can affect anyone. The Second Annual #WorldEatingDisordersDay, will take place on June 2, 2017, with many countries carrying out local “live” activities.

The MISSION of World Eating Disorders Action Day is to advance recognition of eating disorders as serious, treatable illnesses.

The VISION of World Eating Disorders Action Day is to unite eating disorder activists, professionals, and people whose lives are affected, to promote worldwide knowledge of eating disorders and recognition of the need for comprehensive treatment.

More than 200 organisations from 40 countries and 1000s of activists are working together on 6 social media platforms and locally to make a difference in how eating disorders are understood and treated!  A Steering Committee comprised of global diverse representation is providing strategic guidance. The larger activist community is engaged in every step of developing messaging, materials and outreach.

The KEY ACTIVITIES of World Eating Disorders Action Day include:

  • Organisations and activists around the world linked #Together in a positive campaign to change the face of eating disorders!
  • Use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media to share information about #WeDoAct and key messages leading up to and on June 2, 2017;
  • A virtual effort to go ‘VIRAL’ on June 2, 2017;
  • Outreach to professional, medical, education associations, policy makers and health authorities;
  • Local advocacy events around the globe including building lights, press conferences, seminars!
  • Launch of the Patient Rights Worldwide Charter!
  • AND MORE….

What Your Participation Means:

    1. Ensure correct information about eating disorders is shared through social media and other source
    2. Share and employ the “Nine Truths About Eating Disorders” and share the NINE GOALS with your national leadership!
    3. Advocate for evidence based treatment and services for eating disorders globally
    4. Support principles of diversity and inclusivity and spread the message that eating disorders do not discriminate
    5. Ensure that underserved populations and marginalized groups are included and uplifted in advocacy efforts
    6. Help advocate to the World Health Organisation, World Health Assembly and national authorities to recognize June 2 as World Eating Disorders Day!

EASY WAYS to play a part:

  • FOLLOW @WorldEDday on Twitter; LIKE the World Eating Disorders Action Day Facebook Page;
  • Take the PLEDGE on
  • RETWEET @WorldEdDay Twitter posts, #WeDoAct hashtag on June 2, 2016.
  • SHARE WorldEDDay posts, Press Releases and key documents via your own channels;
  • TALK ABOUT EATING DISORDERS with friends, family, colleagues
  • Develop your own country/local plan for publicizing World Eating Disorders Day via virtual and live events such as:
    • Outreach to media, celebrities, universities/training institutions, professional associations, eating disorder non profits, policy makers, political leaders in your country, etc. using Talking Points/Press Release from #WeDoAct
    • Art Installations; Music Fests; Press Conferences; Presentations using the #WeDoAct logos, materials and messaging
    • Your own local advocacy for change

What Else?

We ask that you commit to the principles described in this document and that your use of the World Eating Disorders Day logos and materials imply acceptance. We will feature your organization in the list of Participating Organisations available on the website and social media and offer you space to share your thoughts on the blog.


World Eating Disorders Action Day Steering Committee